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Hi my name is Alvin Campbell ladies and gentleman welcome to my very first blog post ever on companyofthegrail blog. Which my purpose and intention for this blog is to inspire and motivate as many people as I can. To let everyone know that there is someone out there that cares about them. This is going to also be a personal blog in which I will share my daily life with everyone. I will stay positive 99.9% of the time with every blog post. Notice I didnt say one hundred percent. Because in life no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Im making this blog not just because im the owner, not just for money, not just for inspiration, not just for fame, not just for creativity, but to help share my good heart to anyone who reads and visit my blog. Im making this blog from the heart. Thats the way it will begin and thats the way it will end. But of course true love never ends. True love lasts for a lifetime.

I have had a tough life so far. And even though I am 29 years of age and I still have alot of growing up to do I still believe that there is things in my life that I can share with you all that will help change your lives for the better. I just want to sort of use this first blog post to introduce myself. I am an african american born in hampton, virginia. Raised by both of my parents. As of this blog post I am single and still have life goals that I havent achieved yet. I love football. My nfl football team is the washington redskins. I love all sports pretty much. I also enjoy watching comic movies. Im sort of funny at times. I play the guitar and piano on a basic level. I want this blog to be as real as possible. Life is a work in progress but one of the most important things in life is to have goals. In other words to have something to work on. One day I do want to be married, havent really made up my mind yet about having children someday. Im a good poker player I believe. Poker is a good example of life. You get dealt your hand in life and its up to you how you use it. Everyone has a talent but its up to you to be brave enough to use it to the fullest. Its truely a blessing to be able to blog content to the world. To be able to reach and touch people around the globe. I thank god to still be alive to be able to and I will let god guide me with this blog to ensure that as many people read my blog posts as possible.

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