Describe common signs and indicators of stress

Here I will describe common signs and indicators of stress which could potentially help save your life if you are able to spot them as soon as possible. It can be hard sometimes to deal with stress but when life brings alot of stress at one time it may seem unbearable. One way to deal with and spot stress is to not think about your problems. The first common sign that stress is clouded around your life is problems keep seems to occur. It could be someones fault or it just could be the nature of life. I believe people must understand that stress and problems are going to try to come upon your life but its how you identify and deal with it is was counts. Some indicators of stress are for example, do you seem mad for no reason?, are you short patient?, are you quick to assume?, all of these are sure signs and indicators that you may be dealing with stress.

Everyone deal with stress differently but we all at some point have to look stress in the face and say no stress is upon my life, im not going to allow stress to take over my time and give stress access to affect and hurt other people life that is around me. I will look stress right in the eye in say look at me stress you from this point onward will be disabled from my life. The opposite of stress is happiness. No wonder people who are stressed out generally dont like to be around happy people. If you want to deal with stress how about exchange doing happy things over doing stressful things. In other words eliminate things in your life including people thats costing unneeded stress in your life.

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