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Company of the Grail

Helmshau at Gulf Wars XII Pas de' Armes sponsored by the Company of the Grail

The Company of the Grail has been created in the image of tournament societies of the 14th and 15th centuries. We promote the practice of the pas d' armes tournament format, and the pursuit of the knightly virtues.

Membership is not based upon rank, or station, but rather the desire to pursue the knightly virtues through a period format practiced by our ancestors. While we pursue a period appearance on, and off the field, we also strive for those romantic knightly virtues that inhabit so many period works of literature.

While authentic appearance helps suspending disbelief, true chivalrous actions are born of the heart, and soul. If for only a moment, or even a few hours we can part the mists of time and space, and travel to that place between worlds, where all men treat with each other in just means, and children are safe from all harm and know no sickness, and all ladies are seen as the beautiful vessels of charity and love that they are, we will have transported ourselves to Avalon. Where the principalities of darkness have no power, and the cheap and envious dare not tread, where the right uphold the weak, and each mans word is his bond in life and death.

Then, and only then, have we of the Company of the Grail performed our duty to the kingdom and our consorts. Until that time, the Companions of The Company of the Grail stand ready!!.